Finding time for Social activities and relationships is not difficult for most of us. Fun is easy to schedule — especially in our younger years. But seeing the social side of our lives as an investment…as an opportunity to develop a more balanced and productive life plan…often takes a little guidance.


The most entertaining recreational and extra-curricular pursuits can also be doorways to fulfilment in other areas of our lives. The keys to those doorways can lie in Networking, which we all do every day

whether we realize it or not. Every social interaction holds the potential for a connection that can affect our future positively — if we learn to filter those moments through the grid of our unique design. Fortune Financial can help you identify your design as part of the life-planning process.

Mentor Accountability

Our social interactions are often opportunities to identify possible mentors — people who exhibit insights and talents we admire, and can assist us in enhancing areas in our own life skills. They are people we respect and listen to for guidance to either improve areas of our life or avoid roadblocks

that may not be apparent to us. Having a career mentor has become common. But what about a “parenting” mentor? a financial mentor? a marriage mentor?

Finding one mentor with all the success skills our lives could benefit from would be extremely difficult. So why not several mentors? Fortune can help you target the special mentoring skills you should be looking for as part of your life plan.

Special Interest Areas

Are the hobbies, pastimes and other areas of interest that have become part of your leisure moments over the years really as coincidental and trivial as they seem? Why not widen your social circle to include groups or classes that might develop those inclinations? Part of finding your life balance is examining your “wiring.” What are your likes, talents, passions and areas of interest? Fortune Financial can walk you through an assessment process to help you pinpoint the special ways you are wired to succeed!

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