Have you ever sat in an audience and heard someone introduce a speaker who was well known in the community? Notice the long list of places and ways he or she has served. Success and service — they so often go hand in hand in lives that find time and places to give back. At Fortune, we believe embracing that principle sooner rather than later is smart life-planning. That’s why we are committed to helping you plan purposeful community investments..

Volunteer Commitments

Where can you envision yourself making a lasting impression? The various needs for volunteer help in your community are never hard to find. So, it’s usually best to begin with your own areas of interest. These opportunities often develop skills and open doors to other areas and passions you never imagined.

Do you like working with disadvantaged kids? Check out the local schools or the Parks & Recreation for opportunities. They will be glad to direct you to ways your interests could turn into meaningful help.

Concerned about homeless animals? Have a heart for the elderly or those who are displaced. Conscious of people in the justice system who are feeling forgotten? Fortune will encourage you to build a life-plan that includes a way to serve that fits with your “wiring.” A life-plan that incorporates serving is a meaningful life at its best!

Civic Service Opportunities

Where can your talents and availabilities most meaningfully meet your community’s needs? Are there passions you wish you could explore in non-profits to help deliver on their mission, or maybe utilize your business expertise to help small businesses succeed. Could your schedule permit you to hold an office, be on a board, or be part of a civic committee? Start small and start sensibly — but start!

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