Are you looking to grow your business through an acquisition or organically? Maybe your industry is in a low-growth environment, and you are concerned about improving efficiencies and your company’s cash flows to survive for better days ahead.

Fortune Financial can deploy our expertise on new business acquisitions to develop a complete deal structure and acquisition strategy. If you looking to sell your business, Fortune Financial can help maximize the value of your firm and create a succession framework. We understand the range of emotions that are in play in either an acquisition or sale of your business. Our disciplined approach will help guide you through the various obstacles and emotional aspects of negotiations that comes with a business acquisition or succession planning.

The team at Fortune Financial will help you during every step of the process, from defining an acquisition strategy, to understanding your existing company culture and if this acquisition is actually a good fit for your organization, to calculating the capital requirements and deal structure. With the Fortune Financial Difference, your company will have a clear vision of the road ahead.

Our expertise does not always end after a successful acquisition. Fortune Financial can assist with integrating the new business into your existing operations by reviewing and implementing the new processes and procedures, and identifying combined efficiencies that add both value and improved earnings. The Fortune Financial Difference helps facilitate a smooth transition.

Part of defining your acquisition strategy is asking the relevant and often tough questions. These include such questions as what goals does your company wish to achieve, are you looking locally, regionally or nationally? Fortune Financial will help you develop a strategy that is right for your company. Next, we can help you define search criteria based on your goals and existing business strategy. Do you want to use your own existing network, or do you want to utilize a professional business broker?

Fortune Financial can assist with this part of your search process. From identifying synergistic prospects based on your goals, to reaching out to these prospects to gauge interest in selling, to developing cash flow analysis and structuring the offer price and the deal parameters, and identify the capital and financing requirements, the Fortune Financial Difference will be apparent at every step of the way.

But the journey does not stop there. After the acquisition is complete, Fortune Financial will guide you through the numerous communication aspects critical to the successful integration of the new organization.

Your hard work, commitment to excellence, and belief in your business has contributed to your past success. Once you are ready to expand the reach of your business via an acquisition, you need to partner with a firm that has the skills and knowledge to come side-by-side with you to make your dreams a reality.

That’s the Fortune Financial Difference!

Graph (Before)

Define your acquisition strategy

  • What are the goals of the acquisition?
  •  What will your geographical reach be?
  •  How much are you willing to spend?
  •  What markets do you want to pursue?

Define a search strategy

  • Networking
  • Using a professional business broker
  • Databases

Analysis of the company you wish to buy

  • Is it a good fit?
  • Is the asking price reasonable?
  • Examine the projected cash flows, existing debts, synergies and legal status

Identify capital requirements and financing

Graph (After)

Review the companies’ processes and procedures

Communicate with the new employees and establish expectations

Learn the company culture

Plan and explain changes to employees to keep them engaged

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