Career (and Goal Setting)

No one would argue that setting goals for our lives, both professionally and personally, is a bad thing. But the fact is, unless the life goals we target are truly best for us and our passions – best for the unique way we are wired; best for the skill-sets and core motivations that make us who we are – the process of goal-setting will miss the mark.

Targeting someone else’s goals or setting goals or choosing a career that others think we should achieve can do more harm than good.

So how are you wired? What life milestones make sense for you? How do you know? What are essential and non-essential life and career goals for you – now and for later?

Fortune Financial has a successful history of helping our clients work through these areas and discover the right answers to those questions to achieve financial success.

We believe no one should undertake an important journey without the GPS to get your there.

Part of the Fortune Financial difference is more than just knowing where you are going. It’s actually arriving at your destination!

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