The first step in creating a strong financial component of your life plan is to conduct a financial “reality” check. This usually entails facing up to our debt, and specifically, how we can manage our debt and the stress it places on us.

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No one would argue that setting goals for our lives, both professionally and personally, is a bad thing. But the fact is, unless the life goals we target are truly best for us and our passions – best for the unique way we are wired..

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Health & Wellness

The most effective life plan is balanced. It includes the “fun stuff” (recreation, vacations, social activities, etc.) but it doesn’t lose sight of the needed disciplines (career, saving, exercise, sleep, etc.) that helps to drive the results we want.

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Social Perspectives

Finding time for Social activities and relationships is not difficult for most of us. Fun is easy to schedule — especially in our younger years. But seeing the social side of our lives as an investment…as an opportunity to develop a more balanced and productive life plan…often takes a little guidance.

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Community Connections

Have you ever sat in an audience and heard someone introduce a speaker who was well known in the community? Notice the long list of places and ways he or she has served. Success and service — they so often go hand in hand in lives that find time and places to give back.

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