With all the changes impacting retirement plans over the past several years, how do you know if your organization is making fully informed decisions?

Your leadership team has spent years and untold hours fighting off external challenges to grow your business. Your team has discussed and planned countless strategies, modified these strategies based on new business realities, and over the years reaped the rewards of this hard work.

You have developed a great organizational structure that not only strives to hire the best talent, but also nurtures the individuals you hired in order to provide the framework for an exceptional business. Your organization has implemented processes and procedures to stay ahead of the competition, and continually works to refine these for your growing business.

You care deeply about the associates in your organization, you know their families and the commitment your associates give you every work day.

Your leadership team juggles multiple responsibilities under tight time constraints, and the last thing you need is for complacency to creep into parts of your organization due to its prior success. Settling for “good enough’ instead of “nothing short of excellence” is not an option.

Included in your benefits package is the Retirement Plan. Is it given the same attention to ensure it’s not just “good enough”?  Or is it just a tool that creates a competitive advantage over your peers? Have you experienced a slow drain of talent, but chalked it up to the competitive business environment?

How do you determine if your Retirement Plan is contributing to the “nothing short of excellence” philosophy, or if it’s simply part of a benefits package you feel you must?

That’s where Advisory services from Fortune Financial make the Difference! They are part of our DNA.

Fortune Financial’s Plan Design process begins with listening to the unique needs and goals of your organization, including a study of your company culture. We then conduct a comprehensive review of plan statistics and demographics to create the design that best meets your requirements.

Fortune provides our Retirement Plans with regular updates, conducts ongoing financial workshops and meets personally with plan participants. When was the last time your retirement plan fees were plainly explained to you or your fees reduced? Can you honestly say that you are thoroughly acquainted with your plan statistics, fee structure or participant rates?

As our clients’ Trusted Advisors, Fortune provides leadership teams with pertinent information about their plans and how they compare to peers on a continuous basis. We customize our financial workshops around your firm’s unique requirements to provide your associates with the information they need to make the best financial decisions in their lives.

Our commitment to superior communication, best practices, and how to navigate the compliance landscape meshes well with our clients’ quest for organizational excellence.

So how does your organization’s retirement plan stack up? Are you satisfied with its features, fees, investment lineup and its ability to provide your organization with a competitive advantage? Or is your plan merely a requirement of being in business?

The Fortune Financial “difference” can translate into the solution your organization needs to attract superior talent and surpass competitors.

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