Compendium of Posts on Investing in Emerging Markets

I am still in the process of cataloging my research posts, but here is a finished (so far, that is) compendium of my emerging markets-related articles from the past few years:

Equal-Weighting Emerging Markets:  A Better Way to Invest


Revisiting the Case for An Equal-Weighted EM Strategy

In these two posts, I look at the possibility of reducing concentration risk in an emerging markets portfolio by equal-weighting the constituent emerging market countries.

Understanding the Role of Emerging Markets in Your Portfolio

This article argues that due to unique risks such as inflation and political instability, emerging market holdings’ primary purpose in a portfolio is for diversification, not for large bets.

Ideas for A Better Emerging Markets Portfolio

This article deals with what I consider to be the structural issues with the major emerging markets indices, and offers a few suggestions for how emerging market investment portfolios can be improved.

Revisiting the Asian Financial Crisis 20 Years Later

The Asian crisis of the late 1990s was a very rough patch for many of the key emerging market nations.  This article examines the damage done to those countries’ markets during the crisis.

Examining the 2017 Surge in EM Equities

2017 was one of the rare bright spots for EM stocks over the last decade or so, and here I break down the relative performance to conclude that it was mainly a sector and currency story.

A Few (More) Thoughts on EM Investing

This article is a deeper dive than the others in that it looks at the concentration in either a few sectors or, in some cases, a few companies of most emerging market nations.


Of course, as I continue to visit the topic, I will post those articles here as well.