About Alternative Investing

Since 1996, the number of firms listed on US Stock Exchanges has declined by greater than 50%. The number of public companies you can invest in is less than ½ where it was 25 years ago. This is an important consideration when you reflect on your wealth and future opportunities.

Are you willing to trust your hard-earned financial resources to an Advisor that only participates in this shrinking space? Think about that. The number of US firms you can invest in is less than ½ where it was 25 years ago.

So where can you go to uncover the other 90% where most of the wealth opportunities can be found. These investments are commonly known as Alternative Investments. Our focus for our clients at Fortune Financial is on locating solid Alternative Investment opportunities so clients are not simply riding the emotional roller coaster of up and down market cycles. These investments can reduce volatility within your portfolio while also providing solid growth. What wealth-building opportunities are you missing out on if your Advisor does not have the expertise and depth of professional relationships to uncover the other 90% available? You owe it to yourself to partner with an Advisor that possesses the knowledge and relationships to identify specific opportunities in Alternative Investments based on your goals and risk profile.

We certainly have the expertise and experience to identify stock market opportunities in traditional investments, and we excel in this area for our clients. But accumulating and protecting wealth goes much deeper than this. That is why you should contact us to review your individual portfolio and goals.

List of Alternative Investments


  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure
  • Emerging Markets 
  • Finance Receivables
  • Real Estate
  • Land
  • Forestry
  • Farmland
  • Commodities
  • Artwork
  • Private Credit
  • Innovative Industries
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
  • Other Alternative Investments

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Alternative Investing

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