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Take advantage of tax savings with Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA).

A net unrealized appreciation (NUA) strategy could result in significant tax savings for your hard-earned retirement income if you own company stock. Fortune Financial advisors are experts in 401K NUA strategies and distributions. Download our PDF to learn more.

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What is Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)?

NUA is unrealized appreciation on employer stock held in a retirement account.

Unlike other strategies, NUA allows for favorable tax treatment when distributing the stock from the account, potentially resulting in significant tax savings.

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Don't end up paying too much in ordinary income taxes for company stock in your 401(k) plan. Fortune Financial will work with you to maximize your retirement income with a variety of NUA strategies.

David Freisner, Wealth Advisor

NUA strategies offer a range of income tax advantages that can help maximize your retirement plan.

For example, by leveraging an NUA tax strategy, you can eliminate ordinary income tax on the cost basis of your company shares and pay only long-term capital gains tax rates on your appreciated company stock.

Fortune Financial Advisors will work with you on a custom tax strategy to maximize tax savings.

How Does an NUA Strategy Work?

Lower tax rates. Higher retirement income.

Triggering events include separation from your employer, a disability, or reaching the age of 59.5.

Experience a Triggering Event
Distribute Employer Stock

Our team will distribute your employer stock as a lump-sum in-kind transfer to a taxable brokerage account.

Rollover Non-employer Stock

Our advisors will roll non-company stock over into an IRA account.

Our advisors will use a time-sensitive process to eliminate ordinary income tax on the cost basis of your company shares.

Eliminate Ordinary Income Tax
Enjoy Long-Term Capital Gains

The result? You’ll see significant tax savings by taking advantage of long-term capital gains tax rates on your appreciated company stock in your brokerage account.

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We specialize in retirement planning and net unrealized appreciation strategies.

Fortune Financial offers personalized service and industry-leading expertise so you can confidently take control of your financial journey and reach your goals. Our comprehensive range of services, including net unrealized appreciation (NUA) strategies, ensures your financial plan meets your unique needs so you can enjoy your retirement years stress-free.

Specializing in the complexities of retirement planning, Fortune Financial Advisors have decades of experience to put to work for you.

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Net Unrealized Appreciation

General Rules

Watch and Learn: Net Unrealized Appreciation

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Planning Details

Additional Planning Strategies

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Selecting Specific Lots For NUA

NUA Planning Strategy

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Marginally Above Cost Basis

Tax Implications

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U.S. Tax Code

Retirement Planning

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Potential Drawbacks

Drawback & Strategy

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Estate Planning

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