Retirement Planning

Prospects and clients are not looking for attributes (fancy phrases, etc.), but answers to their most important financial questions.

How do you really know if you are saving enough for your retirement years? You have probably watched financial commercials where the question was asked “What is your retirement number”?

Does this phrase even have relevance for your financial future? It may sound great to have “catchy” phrases as part of marketing programs, but if real solutions to your financial challenges are not part of the equation, then it’s worthless in our everyday lives.

If you are concerned about whether or not you are on track to accumulate the resources you will need to sustain you throughout your retirement years, or other goals you hope to achieve, you need real answers to solve your most pressing financial issues.

Not slogans, “catchy” marketing phrases or hollow words, but real down-in-the trenches advice.

How do you get this advice? What makes Fortune Financial different for other firms offering financial advice?

It begins with Fortune’s transformational assessment process… a process that strikes a balance between the financial responsibilities of daily living and those needed to fulfill your      retirement dreams. And it will change your approach to retirement planning or simply meeting your financial goals.

We start with thoroughly getting to know which priorities are critical to you. It may be retirement concerns, how to fund college costs for your children, or simply getting a workable plan to reduce or eliminate debt.

Every client we work with has a different set of priorities, are at a different stage in life, and have different resources in which to deploy to achieve their financial goals. This is where our talent, real world experience, depth of knowledge, and ability to simplify the complex for our clients pays dividends.

Our signature assessment process identifies your unique risk tolerance by utilizing an industry leading third-party software program. This software integrates your actual financial resources into the risk assessment process, and not just generic questions that don’t produce the pressure points that properly identify your actual risk tolerance.

Any subsequent investment recommendations are based on this risk profile. Our process does not end here, as we periodically re-examine your risk profile to make certain it matches your  current investments.

You may have retirement as your top priority. Not only is it critical to identify the amount of resources needed to sustain the lifestyle you hope for, but other important questions need to be answered. How does inflation impact your projected retirement income five, ten, and twenty or more years in the future?

How should you plan for healthcare related expenses once you retire? What will these expenses look like? Again, the Fortune Difference can answer these questions with a plan tailored around your specific situation (existing health issues, family health history, medications (and costs) currently impacting your out-of-pocket cash outlays).

Fortune’s robust and interactive financial planning software can handle almost any financial issue. Changes and modifications to your assumptions can be instantly viewed and discussed, resulting in more timely adjustments before they become major challenges.

What about existing debt? (mortgages, loans, etc.) How can you plan to minimize the expected bite taxes will take out of your retirement assets?

Due to current tax laws, a $1.0 million 401(k) or IRA portfolio will likely not produce $1.0 million in retirement income. For most middle-income taxpayers, you will net approximately 25% less due to combined federal and state taxes. So, right off the bat, fully ¼ of your retirement assets will not be available to support your lifestyle during your post-career years.

To add further complexity to your retirement equation, healthcare costs will further erode your retirement assets, unless you accumulated funds in a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that can be used tax-free for medical expenses in retirement.

Again, the Fortune Difference will help incorporate tax planning and healthcare cost strategies into your financial plan to minimize the tax bite, and most importantly, potentially provide more income during your retirement years.

Merging all the leading-edge software and expert knowledge to work to achieve your financial priorities is just one of the Differences you will realize when you partner with Fortune Financial.

And it will mean confidently embracing every new season of life… each destined to be rich with promise and opportunities.

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