Financial Advisory Posts

I thought it would be helpful to new readers – particularly fellow advisors –  to post links to older articles I’ve written, so here are a few links to older (but still relevant) financial advisory posts:

Tax Efficiency In Action – This post demonstrates how the proper placement of investments in accounts – e.g. taxable bonds in retirement accounts; non-dividend paying issues in taxable accounts – can make a huge difference when it comes to adding to investors’ bottom lines.

Advisers:  What Can Be Taught, and What Must Be Learned – This article discusses various things I’ve learned the hard way about financial services.  There is a lot you can be taught in the classroom or from an examination, but much of client relations simply has to be learned through experience.

What I’ve Learned From My Late Clients – This article was written around Memorial Day, and was my attempt to pay tribute to a few of the clients for whom I’ve had the privilege of working, and from whom I learned a great deal.  That is the main benefit of working with many different individuals:  you learn a lot about things to which you would otherwise have no exposure.

Why Investing Is A Mystery To Many – In this post, I discuss what is, in my opinion, the greatest cost that most investors incur, and that is opportunity cost.  Most investors focus on risks beyond their control (market risk, inflation risk, etc), but neglect or pay little attention to the things within their grasp, such as savings and controlling debt loads.

Twitter and the Financial Marketplace of Ideas – This article briefly describes the value of interacting on Twitter with fellow professionals.  I know it has been a great benefit to me.

The Importance of Investing With Appropriate Fear – This article argues that investors should worry most about the risks they are most likely to face during their investment careers.

Common Misperceptions About Basic Investing – This article talks about how so much of ‘conventional wisdom’ is really misguided.

The Power of Simplicity – The title says it all.  When working with clients, simplicity trumps complexity.

Ten Things I’ve Learned from Blogging – Here are a few ways in which blogging regularly has improved my career.